Platinum Level –

Pendo.io is a data driven platform for product engagement that enables companies to improve on boarding, understand product usage and help retain customers. Pendo combines enterprise guidance and user insights to enable product teams to understand and influence their customer’s experience. Pendo is built by product people for product people, to solve their specific problems and give them the insights and the tools to create great products.In short, Pendo helps you build products customers love.

Pragmatic Institute is committed to providing great education to product leaders, business professionals and data scientists. Become market- and data-driven, and enhance your products, your business and your career with Pragmatic Institute. For more information, please visit pragmaticinstitute.com

Gold Level –


UserVoice collects and organizes feedback from multiple sources to provide a clear, actionable view of user feedback. Take the guesswork out of product development and adapt quicker to your users’ needs. Saving PMs time, shortening the research cycle so the right functionality is shipped in order to delight your customers.

Silver Level

 ColoradoProduct  is a professional product group with similar goals of establishing Colorado as the hub of technology product management.  ColoradoProduct provides educational events, community development and networking. Colorado Product aims to continue the development of great products and product management professionals that the Colorado region is fostering. We encourage you to sign up and attend one of their many events to keep the conversation started at Rocky Mountain ProductCamp going all year long.