PCamp Chatter

Did you have a chance to catch one of Chad McAllister’s latest podcasts on Product Management? You know the one on avoiding product management dogma – with Chris Spagnuolo.
We know, it’s on your to-do list. Really, you should listen to it.

Here’s bit of their conversation.  Chad met his guest Chris at the May ProductCamp. Their conversations at ProductCamp resulted in a shared perspective about innovation and product management processes.

Here’s a snippet on ProductCamp:

[2:00 min – Chris Spagnuolo] I love productcamp. I love that it brings people from all over the product world into one place to share with each other to build this sense of community around product.

I love that feeling of sharing. When people want to keep everything to themselves nobody gets better. Right. So, I love sharing my work and I love seeing other people share their work and their ideas. The whole idea of all of us getting better at this thing together is super important. Community idea – Everybody let’s make ourselves better together.

[3:40 – Chad McAllister] Right, so often we hear people talk about how product management as kind of a lonely profession. Even though we’re so cross functional, we’re always engaged with other people, but we don’t get to interact with people in our own field very much. Even in larger companies where they have lots of product managers they often don’t spend time interacting with one another they are just too busy.

Don’t you think YOU deserve to have these types of interaction. Make the time for yourself. Sign up, show up, speak up, share and learn something to become better.

The next event is coming – November 3rd!