About ProductCamp

What is a ProductCamp?

ProductCamps are an international movement, led by Pragmatic Marketing, to spread the joy of Product! Each ProductCamp is unique, reflecting the local Product community and the participants. The participants own the conference, proposing sessions, picking the agenda, and making the ProductCamp exactly what they need. It’s the perfect un-conference for us all to share, learn, and grow together!

ProductCamps are free or not-for-profit and seek to help the community and participants. They are led by local volunteers with help from sponsors. You can learn more at the ProductCamp Best Practices.

Our Rocky Mountain Product Camp combines the local areas of Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and the larger Front Range and beyond. All are welcome, no matter where you call home!

What Do I Need to Bring to ProductCamp?

All you really need to do is “keep the space between your ears open”. A notebook and pen is also indispensable as you’ll be learning so much, or your laptop/phone/tablet if you prefer. Business cards or other networking options are perfect for making new friends and contacts.

What is ProductCamp Like?

ProductCamp is an all-in high-energy event. Bring your experiences, and an open mind, to get the most out of it. You’ll be going to whatever session you like, using the “law of 2 feet” to change sessions if you aren’t getting enough out of one. You’ll also be networking and chatting with other Product people in the hallways and before/after sessions, making great connections and learning every second of the day. We’ll have a happy hour afterwards to continue to enjoy each others’ company and strengthen our Product community!

Want to Learn More?

Contact us at info@rmpcamp.org with your questions and we’re happy to give you more info!