Session Proposals

A sampling of some of the sessions proposed for the upcoming ProductCamp. More are coming in daily. Submit your ideas for a proposal topic here.

Validate It Before You Build It: The Experiment Canvas

Before investing piles of cash on product development, how can you validate your product idea, feature set, or user experience? The Experiment Canvas is a one-page, six-step tool that guides you to identify your MVP and the experiments needed to validate it. We’ll practice creating an Experiment Canvas using product ideas from participants in the session.


7 “Silver Bullets” for Innovation and what Product Managers Need to Know

What is your approach to innovation – identifying ideas that result in products customers value more than other options they have? There are many so-called “silver bullets” that promise to be “the way” to successful products. While each has merit, I have found there is no one-size fits all approach that can turn a group into innovation super heroes. Instead, each group has to find what creates synergies with their culture and capabilities. Attend this session to share what works for you, hear what works for others, and discuss seven distinct approaches: (1) Idea-Management System, (2) Outcome-Driven Innovation, (3) Blue Ocean Strategy & Value Innovation, (4) A-to-F Model, (5) IDEO’s Deep Dive, (6) Crowdsourcing & Open Innovation, (7) Customer Development Methodology.


SHIP IT! Getting products into people’s hands

What’s the difference between a successful product and one that no one has ever heard of? A lot, to be sure, but 100% of successful product have actually shipped. There are a couple commonalities on what can help get a product out the door, and Chris Oltyan, shipper of over 28 technology products, will walk you through the big ones. It doesn’t matter how awesome, cool, or innovative your product is, if it never makes it to market no one will ever care. Come learn tips on how to get complex software products past the finish.


Doing what is difficult

Group exercise discussing doing the right thing for your customers, your product, and your team even when it is hard. Why is it important to be bold. As the product manager a number of forces are aligned against you how can you push back, redirect or divert these forces to ensure product, market, and career success!


Create a Minimum Viable Business Case with the Lean Canvas

Do you use a business case to help justify moving a product concept into product development? Creating a business case is generally considered a best-practice for product managers. But, I ran into a problem with them – I loathe writing documents, especially ones that are seldom read! Then I discovered Ash Maurya’s one-page Lean Canvas. Now, in 20 minutes you can create a canvas that works well as an initial business case. And, it is one that people actually look at, creating important collaboration on the key aspects of a product concept. This session will be a workshop, selecting a product concept from an attendee and creating a Lean Canvas for it – learning by doing!


Health Innovation using Community Data

Health data combined with analytical tools creates new ways to create health in our communities. In Colorado Springs the health sector partnership, COShealth used collective impact events to create products and services that address the most critical health opportunities in the community. We will focus on our health work force video learning series, our effort to create a center of excellence for health information cybersecurity (CHIC) and our community health asset map program (CHAMP).